Our beliefs create our reality! Take a moment to consider this: everything that was created was first an idea or thought in someone’s mind. For example, consider a chair in your house or the chair you are sitting on while you read this blog post. Before that chair was made into material existence, it existed as an idea in someone’s mind first. The same goes for your perfect body! If you have an idea how you would look if you were at your ideal weight, your perfect body exists in your mind first before it becomes a reality.

Your thoughts can have a powerful effect on your life. If you believe that you can achieve your goals and dreams, you will take the actions necessary to make those goals and dreams into your reality. In the same way, if you doubt that you can achieve your goals and dreams, you will probably prevent yourself from achieving your goals and dreams. Self-doubt becomes your reality. In addition, research has shown that our thoughts can have a direct impact on our health. When we don’t believe in ourselves, we become depressed and complacent and in turn, get sick more easily (Pauketat, et al. 2016).

Negative thought patterns are formed over time. Just like an addiction or a bad habit, it takes time and consistent practice to break negative thought patterns and change them into positive ones!

After a couple of years of yo-yo dieting and repeatedly failing to lose weight, I began to doubt my ability to ever get in shape. If I did not work on my beliefs first, I would have never started my journey! These affirmations helped change my thought patterns during my weight loss journey and I really hope that they will help you, too!

50 Weight Loss Affirmations That Really Work!

  1. I believe in my ability to obtain and maintain my perfect body
  2. Everything I eat nourishes and heals my body, which helps me reach an ideal weight
  3. My body loses excess weight quickly, easily and effortlessly
  4. I have a naturally slim and healthy body
  5. I find it extremely easy to lose weight
  6. I love being in my optimal shape
  7. I enjoy exercising and it helps me reach my ideal weight
  8. My metabolism is at its perfect rate and that helps me maintain my perfect body
  9. Every movement that I make gets me closer to my perfect body
  10. I enjoy life by staying fit and maintaining my ideal weight
  11. Healthy eating is so easy for me
  12. My body is naturally slim, healthy and strong
  13. I enjoy eating healthy foods that nurture my body
  14. I love to exercise to maintain my ideal weight
  15. Maintaining my ideal weight comes naturally for me
  16. I am in control of all the choices that I make
  17. I make healthy choices for my perfect body
  18. My willpower is extraordinary
  19. I have the power to change my life
  20. I am in control of what I eat and drink
  21. I love and respect my body
  22. I am achieving my all my goals easily and effortlessly
  23. I am getting slimmer and fitter everyday
  24. Losing weight is so easy for me
  25. I am creating a body that is perfect for me
  26. My body is slim and healthy
  27. I have a very high metabolism
  28. I only enjoy eating healthy foods
  29. I always take care of my body
  30. It is really easy for me to burn fat and stay fit
  31. I am living a very healthy lifestyle
  32. I am so grateful and happy to reach and maintain my ideal weight
  33. My metabolism is working to my advantage in helping me maintain my perfect body
  34. I love to exercise
  35. I love working out
  36. I love eating foods that are beneficial to my health
  37. I am now creating healthy eating habits and it’s so easy
  38. I have a very strong urge to only eat healthy foods
  39. I find it extremely easy to maintain my desired weight
  40. My body is so strong and healthy at its ideal weight
  41. My body is slim, healthy and strong
  42. I burn calories easily when I exercise
  43. It is so easy for me to control my weight
  44. Losing excess weight is easy and fun
  45. I am so energized and happy at my desired weight
  46. I am grateful for my strong, fit body
  47. I look and feel great everyday
  48. I am in the best shape of my life
  49. I am dedicated to stay in shape
  50. I am becoming lighter and stronger everyday


Pauketat, J. T., Moons, W. G., Chen, J. M., Mackie, D. M., & Sherman, D. K. (2016). Self-affirmations and affective forecasting: Affirmation reduces the anticipated impact of negative events. Motivation And Emotion, 40, 750-759.